Easyfleetr: A new way of buying support to raise standards

  • Easyfleetr: A new way of buying support to raise standards

As a consultant working in the road transport sector, I’m come to realise that there are companies / sole traders who’d like assistance to raise and maintain operational standards but they simply can’t afford the traditional consultant support / expertise.

I also know there are companies without a basic approach to handling risk and managing operational standards, with gaps in systems and knowledge that could be so easily filled with just a little independent support.

Of course, there are consultants who already provide ready-made fleet documents but having seen first-hand what’s on offer the products are often rambling and forget to address the end user in any meaningful way.

Because of this I decided to create a new service called Easyfleetr.

Easyfleetr is a hassle-free way of buying guidance in the form of policies, procedures, risk assessments, toolbox talks and driver training. The emphasis is on the driver, and I wanted to create something that they’ll truly read, acknowledge and engage with, without all the fluff that consultants tend to build-in to justify their high costs.

We launched the service in May 2020, with just a handful of products offered in four key areas. Our aim is to add a new product every week, based on what customers actually need and want. Although most of the products have to be relevant to all fleet operators there are some key features –

  • There’s a collaborative theme. It’s not about the company dictating to a driver
  • The content is free from copyright
  • Customers can modify every aspect of their product, giving them total flexibility
  • The products are not sector / industry specific; all fleet operators can relate to the content
  • We provide support by phone, email or social media

To ensure our products are fit for purpose we review each one at least once a year and modify the content for legislation or emerging best practice.

And for us, the products must be accessible. It’s why we don’t insist on customers registering for an account, nor do we expect people to accept any cookies, enter a password or do any of the usual faff that normally gets in the way of consumer purchases!

We hope that by providing this service, fleet operators can introduce or modify their current working practice to introduce more consistency, a safer working environment and better collaboration between managers, office workers and drivers.

Ultimately, we want to help raise safety standards in the fleet industry, and I hope by doing this we will have achieved that in some small way.

If you have any ideas for new products give us a call! www.easyfleetr.com #easyfleetr